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10 Weirdest Anime Weapons That Are Very Powerful Original post: Wed 3/31/2021 at 12:15 PM

Few sources of entertainment have an equivalent level of limitless creativity and freedom as anime. The medium caters to each audience imaginable, and it’s fair to mention that there’s an anime series for each interest, regardless of how small. Action can wake up in exciting, exaggerated ways in anime, and there are many iconic characters that wield unbelievable strength.

Anime showcases powerful fighters, but sometimes a warrior’s tool is even more important and therefore the real key to victory. Sometimes the foremost dangerous anime weapons are available very surprising packages—and others find weird and wonderful ways to combine the mundane with the magical.

10. Tuxedo Mask's Roses Represent True counterculture

Sailor Moon is an iconic shojo anime series and one among the earliest titles to breakthrough outside of Japan. Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts tend to be those that save the day, but there’s typically a quick interruption from Tuxedo Mask.

The character’s trademark entrance features the launch of a rose at the opposing enemy. These appear as if standard flowers, but they’re shown to slice into material and are capable of actual damage. They’re not the foremost practical weapon within the series, but they’re simpler than flowers should be.

9. Kill La Kill's Scissor Blades Are Visual Oddities that appear Impractical

Kill la Kill may be a vision that’s a number of the prolific Studio TRIGGER’s best work. Kill la Kill combines highschool politics with an alien invasion, sentient clothing, and a bizarre set of weapons wont to manage this chaos.

Ryuko finishes up at the top of a revolution albeit she wants answers regarding her father’s death. Ryuko finishes up carrying on her father’s add her own way as she wields a deadly scissor-like bladed weapon alongside her sister, Satsuki. These blades don’t just look stylish, but they’re crucial tools against the Life Fibers invasion.

8. Dragon Ball’s Evil Containment Wave Turns an easy Jar Into a strong Prison
Anime Dragon Ball Super Evil Containment Wave Mafuba Jar
The Dragon Ball franchise is crammed with energy attacks which will destroy entire planets and wild transformations that, in some ways, are even more intense. A maneuver from the first Dragon Ball that returns significantly in Dragon Ball Super is that the Evil Containment Wave, or Mafuba, technique.

While technically a move, it requires a container to be achieved . therein sense, the jar that’s involved becomes a deceptively powerful weapon. Evil entities are often sucked into and trapped within a container which will become a permanent prison if the captor doesn’t break the jar’s seal.

7. Haruko's Rickenbacker 4001 Battle Bass In FLCL Makes quite Just Music
Haruko screams together with her bass primed to attack
FLCL may be a glorious anime about the awkward experience of growing up through adolescence, which manages to urge across more in six episodes than what other anime struggles to accomplish in hundreds. FLCL turns the moody experience of youth into a high-stakes battle for the earth .

Haruko Haruhara becomes an unlikely mentor to Naota, and her trusty weapon through this adventure is her Rickenbacker 4001 bass. Haruko uses this guitar as a physical weapon, which packs a severe punch and is exceedingly durable. Still, it’s also ready to open up gateways which will pull anything, or anyone, into battle.

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6. Kagura’s Umbrella In Gintama Makes Heavy Artillery appear as if Toy Guns
Anime Gintama Kagura Blows Machine Gun Umbrella
Gintama is an anime series like no other, and it delivers a number of the simplest gag comedy and dramatic storytelling over quite 350 episodes. Kagura may be a vital member of the Odd Jobs team, and she’s often together with her signature umbrella.

This umbrella may be a custom of the Yato people and partly due to their weakness to the sun’s light. These umbrellas are often used as blunt weapons, but Kagura’s also functions as a machine gun. The barrage of bullets that this umbrella dispenses becomes even more dangerous when in conjunction with Kagura’s excellent fighting instincts.

5. Orihime Inoue's Magical Hair Pins Can Heal And Destroy Various Matter In Bleach

Bleach begins as a robust shonen anime, but it becomes a victim of mismanagement and filler that derails the saga after many episodes and leaves the manga because the superior version. Despite its misgivings, Bleach does have some amazing battles that empower characters in unconventional ways.

Orihime Inoue obtains flower-shaped hairpins from her brother, and therefore the pin’s petals contain powerful Shun Shun Rikka spirit energy. Orihime can activate the spirit energy in her hairpins to extend her defensive abilities and assist with healing. Still, they will also destroy matter or undo events that have just happened.

4. Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s Punisher Gun In Trigun may be a Weaponized Crucifix

Trigun may be a ‘90s action anime that has satisfying fight sequences held along side a strong message and empathetic protagonists. Vash the Stampede is literally a deadly killing machine, and his heart of gold makes it increasingly difficult for him to require out people who hunt him.

Vash’s faithful partner, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, lugs around a 300-lb eyesore of a weapon with him. Wolfwood’s signature weapon, the Punisher, may be a gigantic cross that launches excessive gunfire and even missiles. It’s a sight to ascertain when it’s used and typically catches Wolfwood’s audience all of sudden .

3. Saiga's Camera In Speed Grapher Produces Explosive Results
Speed Grapher
Speed Grapher may be a 24-episode anime series that brilliantly blends mystery, horror, and crime. it is a series that does not get nearly enough attention, and it's a robust premise that instantly hooks the audience.

Tatsumi Saiga may be a former war photographer who has turned to espionage and spying , which gets Saiga involved a nasty crowd. Saiga's camera has always been his most vital tool, but it's suddenly a deadly weapon once he learns that whoever he photographs will explode. It's like if the Death Note were a camera.

2. Hunter X Hunter Turns Shizuku’s vacuum Into A Terrifying Tool

Hunter x Hunter is one among the higher shonen anime. It doesn’t needlessly drag on, lose itself in irrelevant filler, or deliver arcs that feel repetitive of every other. Gon leads the way within the series, and one among his earlier weapons before nen-based attacks dominate the anime may be a resilient fishing pole .

However, what’s even stronger and stranger is Shizuku Murasaki’s vacuum , Blinky. Blinky utilizes nen to suck up things or remove all of the blood from somebody’s body. It’s not just a deadly attack but also an incredibly morbid thanks to take someone out.

1. The Death Note Turns The word Into A Deadly kind

Death Note is one among the more popular anime series from the past few decades and therefore the reason that it’s gained such acclaim, even from crowds outside of the anime community, is due to its simple, addictive premise. Light Yagami acquires a Death Note journal, and if he writes anyone’s name within the book, then that corresponding person will die.

Light’s intentions with this weapon slowly warp, and therefore the extreme level of responsibility tied to the present power is a crucial theme of the anime. It’s hard to not get corrupted by the liberty that the Death Note provides.

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