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As a young teenager, Adrian Burwell, along with his brothers and dad, built ‘tic-tac-toe’ boards and other wood crafts in the family’s South Texas garage. Even at that young age, Adrian had an enterprising spirit about him. He began selling his creations through shows and open houses, saving his money to begin buying woodworking tools. A few years later he jumped at the opportunity to apprentice under an experienced cabinetmaker in the Northwest. From those years as an apprentice a grand vision was born: a vision of building a custom cabinetry business—his own business—while continuing to work with his family members. That same enterprising spirit moved the entire family across the country to begin a business together. With hard work, faith in God, and growing partnerships with area builders, they worked to carve out a market niche at a time when there was a lot of great competition in the area. Today, Vision Woodworks is a thriving small custom cabinetry business that hasn’t forgotten its roots. Custom Cabinetry Seattle
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