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Preventive measures for mycotoxins. There are 1 replies:
Preventive measures for mycotoxins. Original post: Mon 9/14/2020 at 2:19 AM
At present, the main measures taken at home and abroad to prevent and remove mycotoxins in food are: ①Using reasonable farming, irrigation and fertilization, and timely harvesting to reduce mold infection and toxin production of food raw materials; ②Reducing food and feed Moisture content, lower storage temperature, improve storage, and increase T methods to reduce mycotoxin pollution; ③Through resistance breeding, cultivate anti-fungal crop varieties; ④Strengthen pollution detection and inspection, strictly implement food hygiene standards, and prohibit.Selling and importing food and feed with excessive mycotoxins;⑤Using alkali refining method, activated white clay, attapulgite clay or aging soil adsorption method, ultraviolet light method, Litsea cubeba oil fumigation method and other chemical and physical methods to remove contaminated mycotoxins.I think as long as we can strictly observe the preventive measures, we can give our society more peace.Click the Mycotoxin Test link for more details.
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토토꽁머니 지급 및 꽁머니 교환 | 먹튀본부 Posted: Sat 12/12/2020 at 10:36 AM, in reply to guest guest

꽁머니는 먹튀본부 포인트로 인증업체와 교환을 하는 공간 입니다.토토꽁머니로 꽁머니환전 가능하며 먹튀본부에서 활동만 해도 꾸준하게 꽁머니를 얻을 있습니다토토꽁머니 / 꽁머니 / 꽁머니환전 

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