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Who's who on a dating site. There are 9 replies:
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Who's who on a dating site. Original post: Sun 3/27/2022 at 4:26 AM


I believe that there will be more males among the readers of this article, so a simple classification of female profiles will be useful to them. In principle, there are similar types on all dating sites, it’s just that in different places on the Runet their ratio changes.

Very young girls (often they indicate a greater age, but they are usually 15-18 years old), which is usually clear from the questionnaire, are looking for a real prince (without a Mercedes), which is so lacking in the cruel surrounding world. The purpose of dating is a couple of months of romantic correspondence, and then a serious step - a walk under the arm. Tip: avoid such girls, there are a lot of them around you and just in life, believe me.

Older girls (both in terms of mental abilities and according to their passports) either correspond “for fun” (say, there is not enough male attention in life - they get it on the Web), or they quickly agree to translate communication into reality. And in my opinion, the latter are the most appropriate category. So you can find a girlfriend, if you, of course, need it, and a lover, and a life partner. If you are not very sociable in life, then on the Internet it is quite easy to find an adequate person. If in life you often come across adequate girls, then you are lucky, and you need dating sites, most likely, also “for fun”. But trust me, not everyone is so lucky.

It is worth fearing the third category, the age of representatives of which usually starts at about 30 years old (although it happens that even from 25 - it depends on upbringing). Here the scenario “it's time to get married” begins to dominate, and here you can rake such “glitches” that mom don’t cry. Again, do you really lack such types in life?

Let's go through the rest of the categories. There are (and many) representatives of the most ancient profession. There are both explicit and, let's say, hidden ones. Sometimes the rates can be obtained immediately after the first message, sometimes it turns out that the girl is just looking for an opportunity to pay off the loan for a new smartphone. It's just that money is needed. Pass by.

There are also virtual machines. Bored housewives, schoolgirls, experimenters like the author of the article, even man-haters - in short, there will be no meeting, do not hope. But you can hone your communication skills and humor on them if you want.

In short, if your goal is to find a normal girl for a normal human relationship, look at category number two. The rest are quite easily eliminated (but here, of course, experience is needed). Checking the adequacy and "reality" is easy. The advice is simple: do not delay virtual communication, quickly move from online to real. No need to insist on anything, just offer to call, you can also chat via Skype. While talking on the phone, you will decide whether to meet or not. It is best to meet, of course, in a crowded place - here both you and the girl will be calmer. And you should not "get hung up" on one lady - who knows what will come out in the end.

For ladies, the advice is similar, but it is worthwhile to understand that the initiative coming from the girl is welcomed by some of the men, while others are sharply rejected. But if you are for the free distribution of gender roles, then do as you know and as your heart tells you.

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Re: Who's who on a dating site. Posted: Sun 3/27/2022 at 7:19 AM, in reply to guest guest

Hi. Knowing where to get acquainted on the Internet, you can use all available methods, significantly expand the circle of communication, find friends and meet your other half. Over time, virtual communication will grow into real dating. And the first meeting will go well, because you will already have a lot of common topics for communication with the interlocutor. And such an interesting service on sites like panamanian brides site can help you get rid of loneliness

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Re: Re: Who's who on a dating site. Posted: Sat 4/23/2022 at 10:30 AM, in reply to guest guest

Hi. These days I felt so lonely, but my good friend advised me a wonderful solution and a pretty decent service, such as free one night stand sites , where I can chat with different people online. This kind of method is quite an interesting option if you just want to settle down, relax and have a lot of fun chatting with people. It's a pretty easy solution to chat with interesting guys if you're single and busy with work. 


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Re: Who's who on a dating site. Posted: Mon 5/16/2022 at 4:11 AM, in reply to guest guest

This is the main problem of modern dating sites! There are often inadequate users registered on it! That is why I only use together2night. All because a lot of beautiful girls and men are registered here! All of them are absolutely real, no fakes! but most importantly, there is a very friendly community here! So hurry up and register, you will not be dissapointed!

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Re: Who's who on a dating site. Posted: Fri 5/20/2022 at 8:03 AM, in reply to guest guest

In our assessment, we shared the simple statistics approximately the courting website date in asia review . The group has attempted to create a carrier to be had to anybody from Asian and American countries with a desire to find love on the Internet. They did now not create paid options so that everyone could discover a companion and switch this communication to actual existence. Since registration does no longer impose any obligations on you, you could test the capability and think about the profiles of the most stunning girls your self.

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