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A summary is the brief account of a text that carries the main idea. It can be written for anything like a book, a journal, an article, a research paper, or an essay. Writing a summary shows that how well a writer has understood the main idea of the text to present it to the readers. 


Writing a summary depends on the writing skills of a person. Write your thesis statement in the introduction that your reader gets a clear idea of the narrative essayA good summary is a condensed overview and not an analysis of the original piece of writing. 


Writing a summary is not a piece of cake. It is very frustrating to assess which detail should be added to the summary. If you follow the step provided below carefully, you will be able to draft an effective and winning summary. 





Steps to Write a Summary


Read well: The first step to write a good summary is to read the original text carefully and attentively. The first reading you do should only be reading without taking notes. Read the text to just grasp the main idea and the theme of the content. Get familiar with the tone and style in which the author has written the text. 


Understand the main idea: Once you have finished reading the text for the first time, reflect what you have read. Identify the main points and ideas in the text and see how the author has arranged them in sequence. To understand the text better identify the 5 w’s (why, what, who, where, when). 


Read and take notes: Now when you are aware of the main idea and theme of the text, reread it and take notes. Note down the points you think will go best in your summary. For your easy, underline the topic sentences and highlight the quotes and plot points. Also, note the number of important events if any. 


If you come across something that you do not understand, highlight it as well. Read until you are sure how your summary is going to be. 


Organize the notes taken: Now that you are done reading, organize the points and ideas you gather from the text. Organize them in a way that they make sense and result as a reliable reference of the text. Make sure you have gathered the right and the most important points and clarify anything you think needs to be understood. 


Develop a thesis statement: A good summary requires a thesis statement. It is the claim that a writer makes in the introduction that shows the understanding of the author’s work. When writing a summary, you just restate the main argument without shaping it according to your opinion. 


Write short paragraphs: Summary is a condensed form text. Do not scar the readers away by making long paragraphs and adding unnecessary details. A summary is written in the present tense. It includes the name of the author and the title of his work. Make sure to add a topic sentence to each paragraph and transition words as well. 


Check for accuracy: Now that you have written your summary, reread it to check if it accurately reflects the author’s idea and points correctly. Always choose the best narrative essay examples that guarantees quality essay work. Make sure that you have properly cited the quotes used in the summary. 


Proofread: Also, check for mistakes and errors like spellings, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, etc. and make editing for submitting your assignment. 


Writing a summary is not an easy job even for an essay writer. Drafting a summary requires other types of skills. Every student looking for professionals to “help me write an essay for free” can get writing services online. 



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