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Although gutter cleaning is a dirty, disgusting task, it is necessary for a healthy home. A clean and clear gutter will draw water away from your home’s foundation. If left neglected, water can go places it shouldn’t – backing up onto your roof, pouring down your soffit and fascia, and pooling around the foundation of your home. These type of home damages are not only a headache, they can be expensive, too! In fact, foundation damage alone can be thousands of dollars in repair costs. For these specific reasons, it is important to keep your gutters clean and clear. You probably have questions though?—how much should I pay to have my gutters cleaned? How long does cleaning gutters take? How do you clean gutters? For something so mundane, gutters can be deceptively complex.

Gutter Cleaning Prices
If you are weary of cleaning your gutters on your own, you can hire a crew to clean your gutters. The cost of cleaning gutters will depend on a few factors such as the number of stories on your home and the size of your home. For example:

Gutter cleaning prices on a single-story 1,500-square foot house will run from $75-$200.
If you have a ranch style home that is 2,000 square feet with around 180 linear feet of gutter, the cost will run you $95-$225.
If you have a two-story home with 2,500 square feet and 200 linear feet of gutter, it will run you up to $250.
Additional Costs: If you have a three-story home, you can expect to add $75 to $200 for your gutter cleaning prices.

If your gutters are seriously clogged from being neglected over time, you could be looking at a cost upwards of $500 for the extra time and effort that it takes.
A service that cleans gutters should include cleaning out the leaves and debris that are clogging your gutters, bagging the waste, and flushing the entire system. Before hiring a crew, ensure that they include removal of debris in their quote. Additionally, check with your crew to see if they will inspect or tighten your fasteners during the process. Some companies will throw this extra in for free!

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