Logging in

Qmail is powered by Google.   To login, please enter your fully qualified qmail username (i.e.  

I don't know my Qmail username

It's easy to find out what your Qmail username is.  Do the following:
  • Login to The Q.  
  • Where it displays "Welcome back your name..." in the top left, click the Personal Info link next to your name.  
  • Your assigned Qmail address will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

I don't know my password

Each user has to add a recovery phone number or email address to their account where they can receive recovery instructions via voice, text message, or email. They can then reset their password by entering their Google Account address and following automated instructions.
In most cases, your password is set to a combination of the following:
  • First two letters of your last name (lower case) +
  • the last four digits of your SSN +
  • Qc
  • Example sa1234Qc

Help video for Students Qmail Login

This is a short video to show you how to log into Qmail using Google Mail.

I Still can't Login to Qmail

If you are still having problems logging in to Qmail, contact the IT Service Desk.