Qmail accounts are going away!


If you are still using your Qmail account, immediate action is required. 

In June of 2023, student email moved to the Microsoft platform. The old Qmail accounts on the Google platform will be closed out as of June 1st. We still see activity on some Qmail accounts, so if you are still using your Qmail, please make the change over to the Microsoft account as soon as possible. All students must move anything they want to keep off of the old Qmail accounts before June 1st as it will be inaccessible after that time and anything there will be irretrievable.

Below is a link to the help page that contains answers for most questions on how to migrate emails and data out of the Google account associated with your Qmail. Please follow the directions carefully and reach out to the IT Service Desk ( if you have any issues. Thank you!


If you still need to access your Qmail account prior to June 1st, please click this link.