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English Comp & Lit II (ENG 102 (UG09))

Term: Spring Term 2010 (UNDG)


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Office hours:
  • As an adjunct faculty member, I do not maintain regular office hours on campus. However, if a student wishes to meet with me, I will always make accommodations that will be mutually agreeable. Also, I am usually available immediately before and after classes. In addition, students may contact me via The Q email or by calling me (although I may not always be able to answer, I will always return your call).


    Tue-Thu, 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM (1/20/2010 - 5/11/2010) Location: MAIN (Ahlfors Building 106 - Lecture Only)


    3 credits
    This course employs literary texts to provide examples for students to continue and refine writing and reading skills. Assigned readings include plays, poems, novels, short stories, epic narratives, personal essays, and satire. Writing assignments emphasize students close reading skills and their interpretation and analysis of creative works.
    Prerequisite: ENG 101. F/S/SU