1. This form works ONLY for the semester named on it. (Submit availability only on the form, etc.)
  2. Must submit a COMPLETE course number – formatted like ENG 100, with a space before the course number or the form will not be processed.
  3. In the Sec. # Box, you have two choices:
    1. Enter only one section of your choice or
    2. For more than one section, Enter SB ( See below in work area Box) (Limit 80 characters) your additional specific section choices or other comments/requests.
  4. Please check the specific LOCATION in which a section is running. Not all sections run on QCC's main campus.
  5. Submit as many sections as you like. Just go back to the email and click on the link to open the form again.
  6. Each of the four lines in the Day/Time area is linked to the corresponding line in the Course/Section area. It is necessary to fill in specific Course/Section information to correspond to specific Day/Time information.
  7. If you have information that doesn't fit the form, email your Dean and Dean's Assistant.
  8. Please be sure to include and identify your cell phone number (in the telephone or alternate telephone field) so we can reach you easily and quickly.