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Get Started with Student Accessibility Services:

  1. Contact – Call the office to make an appointment to meet with a coordinator
  2. Send – Send your disability documentation via the safe and secure SAS Document Dropbox
  3. Complete – please fill out the Selfie and review the SAS Student Handbook which will be sent to you via QMail, and return completed Selfie prior to your appointment to your Coordinator
  4. Meet – Meet with a coordinator (phone or Zoom) to discuss the nature of your disability and eligibility for accommodations
  5. Receive – Your coordinator will send your Accommodation Letter to you via Qmail, and you may forward the Accommodation Letter on to any course instructor where you plan to use your accommodations for the semester

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5. SAS Remote Learning Strategies

QCC's Student Accessibility Services Coordinator Anne Shore, reviews the important learning strategies for learning remotely.