Transfer Option #3: Transferring WITH an Associate Degree that does NOT have a MassTransfer or Articulation Agreement Pathway:  Transfer Option #3 is for you if you will be completing an associate degree at QCC, but QCC does NOT have an agreement with that school for transfer benefits.  A student will be a competitive applicant as the university will make the decision concerning acceptance into the university and/or intended program.  


(1.)  At the college’s website, navigate to “Admissions/Undergraduate Admissions" to find:

  • “Application Deadlines”:  Transfer deadlines are different than freshman deadlines; they are often much later in the academic year
  • “Transfer Requirements”
  • You may need a certain number of credits and a certain GPA in order to APPLY, and this does not guarantee admission

(2.)  You may need to submit:  

(3.)  Which application you should use: 

  • University/Colleges application OR Common Application

(4.)     Interview:  Does the college/university require an interview?  Is it an   option? 

  • Remember that an interview is an opportunity to have a one-to-one conversation and allows you to tell the school about yourself and to ask specific questions about the receiving institution.


Ready to apply?  Click on Application Option #3 in the Handouts below for a checklist.