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    This is the Main Page for Student Resources. Click here to go back to the Community Resources home page.
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    Welcome to the Community Resources Site!
    For students, families, single parents...this information is for you. Please take advantage of the resources provided for you on this page. We are here to help!
    Welcome to the Human Resources Document Center!
    ...Please submit Documents for Human Resources only!* Human Resources is pleased to offer you the ability to submit your documents electronically in a secure environment! To ensure your documents are received and placed with your Human Resource file, please: Please ensure the imaged document is clear and readable If not already listed, write your Name on all pages of the document before....   Once Human Resources receives your documents, it can take up to three business days before you are contacted. *Files submitted using this portal that are not intended for Human Resources...
    Important Information
    ... 15th, from 10:30 PM - 11:00 PM, as well as on Monday, February 17th, from 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM.   The following resources are expected to be unavailable for the QCC main campus, downtown campus, Southbridge campus, and Senior Center: Internal resources (desk phones, shared drives, wireless access, Outlook/email, etc.) QCC Global Protect VPN External resources that are hosted at QCC locations... VPN connectivity, Main, Downtown, Southbridge & Senior Center Campuses internal resources, and QCC hosted external resources   Thank you for your understanding and patience.   Leo Burgess Director...
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    Instructions to use the Human Resources Dropbox
    ...To drop files into the Human Resources Dropbox, do either of the following: Drag and Drop method Open Windows Explorer from your computer; Find the file you want to upload and drag it directly into the drop box marked Drop files here; To select more than one file, hold down the [CTRL] key while clicking on each file. Drag the file(s) directly into the drop box marked Drop files here... message will be displayed: Your files were uploaded; Click [Ok] Pick and Choose method Click [Add Files] in the Human Resources Dropbox. Windows Explorer will open on your computer; Find the file...
    Blackboard Help Resources
    ...Bb Support Form The following resources provide around the clock (24 hours every day) Blackboard Learn technical support for you. Self-Help Frequently Asked Questions Blackboard 24/7 support website Blackboard Help for Students (Discover more about Bb Learn using the Troubleshooter search function to explore the topics.) Blackboard Tutorials on YouTube Launch Atomic Learning for online video tutorials on the latest software applications. Submit a Request for Live Web Chat Click this link for Live Web Chat Contact Help Desk by phone Of course you can call us: (508...
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    ... Advising helps students plan a strategy for achieving their career and academic goals. We guide students through the academic experience and help them align their academic and career pursuits. Advisors also provide information about important resources and careers associated with QCC programs of study. It is important to see your advisor early and often to stay on your path! Questions? Email us! Hours & Location ...
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    Welcome to Career Focus!
    ...Ever wonder what to do with your degree once you've earned it? Perhaps you have a question: "How do I get to be a graphic designer?""What does a nurse really do?" "Where do I go to get more information?"   Several offices here at QCC worked together to create this space. Our goal is to assist you in working through some of these questions. Click on the various majors for more information and resources. ...
    Working with Students with Disabilities
    ... of faculty resources for working with students with disabilities including:   Resources from DO-IT  - Web-based publications to be printed and video presentations from DO-IT that are useful to postsecondary educators Specific Disability Resources - resources related to teaching students with specific disabilities. Specific Academic Activity Resources - resources for helping instructors...
    Transfer Services
    ...We Advise Students Moving on to a Bachelor Degree Transfer Services assists students who are planning to transfer from QCC to four-year colleges and universities. HLC 2nd Floor (Advising)              508.854.4404              Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.   Our services and resources include: Transfer Workshops & Group Advising College... Your Bachelor Degree Step 7:  Important Final Steps       Go to Other Transfer Resources for information on: Common Application Pre-med Planning Transfer Application Fee Waiver Tips...
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    ...This page provides information on how to find child care, support in paying for child care and eligibility of child care programs. MA Government child care resources and referrals Mass local CCR&R agency keeps information on all licensed and license-exempt programs including child care centers, family child care providers, preschools, and out of school time. Subsides and Vouchers..., the School serves as a training site for students in the Early Childhood Education program. Seven Hills Child Care Resources The Child Care Resources (CCR) Program at Seven Hills provides resource...
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    ...Family Support Services are non-profit agencies in Worcester County that provide support and resources for individuals and their families to resolve challenges, connect with others, and engage... families to be significant contributors to the community as a whole. Family Services Southbridge A listing of several agencies and resources in the Southbridge area. Seven Hills Family... countries through our eleven Affiliate organizations. United Way of Central Mass The United Way’s mission is connecting people and resources to improve the The United Way invests in educational...
    Welcome to Career Services!
    ... Schedule an appointment with a member of Career Services using Handshake, please click on  Once logged into Handshake please click on Career Center tab, top right hand side of page to access schedule. Career Services has a wide variety of resources to assist with identifying career opportunities, finding up-to-date information on the latest job market trends, acquiring work experience, and developing job search skills for a successful transition from school to work. Contact Us: Phone:       508-854-4439 Email:
    ...Looking for Alternative Transportation Options to QCC This page will offer resources for you to find a ride to campus or discuss ride sharing options.    For starters, check out MassRIDES for ride matching (carpooling) and to get Travel Rewards for Green Commutes!   Feel free to use the Discussion Boards to post available rides or if you are looking for a ride to or from campus.  You will need to log in to The Q before using the Discussion Board.   Our goal is to facilitate communication and to reduce QCC's carbon footprint. Get Rewards for Greener Trips...
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    Transfer Resources
    ... the blue button to view all QCC transfer agreements)   Go to Other Transfer Resources for information on: Common Application Pre-med Planning Transfer Application Fee Waiver Tips for Applying...
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    Free-form Content 2
    ... research and education, and the appropriate use of health care resources. ...
    Free-form Content
    ...The Massachusetts Emergency Food Assistance Program (MEFAP) was established in 1995 to ensure that citizens in need have access to a supply of quality food in the Commonwealth. The program is implemented through a unique partnership between the state and a private, non-profit food distribution network made up of four regional food banks. The resources noted below are to help find or sign up for food based resources in your area. Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) provides 1 in 8 of Massachusetts residents with food and nutritional assistance, cash assistance...
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    Cooperative Education and Special Programs
    ...Cooperative Education CPS 298 - Pre-Cooperative Education Seminar The Pre Cooperative Education Seminar is a required preparatory course designed to provide students with the necessary structure, resources, and support to successfully secure and engage in their cooperative education experience. Students will learn about the attitudes, skills and behaviors expected by employers... and custom resources. ...
    ... information about the GI Bill and other valuable resources at Quinsigamond Community College. We hope you find the answers to most of your questions here. Please contact the College’s Veterans Affairs...
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    Free-form Content
    ...These are agencies (some with hotlines) that support individuals who need resources and support with mental health concerns, counseling or psychoeducational information. Bridge of Central Mass In full partnership with individuals and families facing challenges, we support and inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams. Genesis Club Genesis Club is a non-profit (est. 1988) whose mission is to help persons in recovery from mental illness attain employment, education, physical health and decent housing. The organization was structured on the Clubhouse model of rehabilitation...
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    How Can I Pay For College?
    ... a deeper dive into your family’s financial situation to confirm what resources you have and what help you’ll need at the school. There is a cost associated with the CSS Profile application. Some colleges... Hispanic Scholarship Fund Simple Tuition The Scholarship Page   (4.)  FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:   (5.)  OTHER RESOURCES: QCC Financial Aid Office, Room 165A... to scholarship directories. Employer:  Ask about "education benefits" available at the human resources/personnel office at your/your parents' employer. Some companies offer scholarships or tuition assistance...
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    ... Community Housing Resources (WCHR) All of WCHR's programs and services are targeted to low and moderate income households and those who serve their needs throughout greater Worcester County...

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