Your safety is of the utmost importance to everyone at Quinsigamond Community College. As Chief of Campus Police, I am writing you today to provide you with information on how to protect yourself in a situation that we hope to never encounter, but that is all too real in today’s society. This is a matter of personal safety that you could choose should you ever be caught in an “active shooter” situation, whether it is on campus or in your everyday life off campus. The link below will bring you to a 6 minute video called “Run. Hide. Fight.”. The video provides a look into the “active shooter” situation and the options you may have should you ever be in harm’s way. This video was produced by the City of Houston, TX under a Department of Homeland Security grant.

Please note. YouTube has added advertising so you may have to click through it get to the video. 

In addition to the video link, watch the bulletin boards around campus, the Open Door, and your E-mail for times and places this video will be shown by the Campus Police to all members of the College community.

The link is currently being added to the Q and is located on the Campus Police Website at:



Kevin J. Ritacco

Chief of Police

670 West Boylston Street

Worcester, MA 01606

My Direct Line: 508-854-4200

Campus Police Office: 508-854-4221

Fax Line: 508-854-4571




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