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Please note: Quinsigamond Community College does not mail out paper bills.
An email will be sent to your student Qmail account notifying you that your bill is ready to be viewed on The Q.  The Course and Fee Statement available on The Q represents your bill.  Payment options are detailed in the email notification.  Payment arrangements need to be made upon registration if you register on or after the bill due date. There is a $20.00 returned check fee for any payment made directly to QCC that is NSF.  Please check your Qmail for additional updates and instructions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you recently received an updated 1098T and have additional questions, please contact your Tax Professional or the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 with questions regarding filing an amended return.

If you did NOT receive a 1098T, we add up the eligible charges paid for the entire calendar year and we add up the total grant funds received in that time period, and if the aid exceeds the eligible charges paid, the students do not receive a 1098T.

Incorrect Social Security Number Chart

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In compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Quinsigamond Community College policy, the Business Office cannot release any information pertaining to a student’s record. In order for any information to be released to anyone, other than the student, the student must provide our office with written consent.  The student can return the completed form to the Business Office.

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The course and fee statement on The Q is your bill.  If you need a detailed statement to submit to an employer at the end of the semester, please email from your student Qmail account. Please include your student ID and the semester you are looking for.