Student ID's

ID's can be obtained at the Fuller Center on these days:

  • Monday's:       9am - 11am
  • Tuesday's:      9am – 11am
  • Wednesday's:  Not Available
  • Thursday's:     1pm – 3pm
  • Friday's:         1pm - 3pm

ID's are required to remove books and materials from the Harrington Learning Center. Some QCC departments require you to have your ID to receive services.  ID's are required to take out equipment, purchasing discounted tickets and attending events and trips sponsored by Student Life located in the Fuller Student Center. Additionally, you can use your ID to take fitness classes in the Athletic Center, and programs offered by the College of Worcester Consortium.


Student Parking Stickers

Student parking stickers are available when you pick up your Student ID in the Fuller Center.  Southbridge and Downtown students can obtain parking stickers when Student ID's are being taken.

Copy Cards

All Students will get a pre-loaded $5 copy card when they pickup their student ID. Copy cards can be reloaded on the second floor of the Harrington Learning Center or the third floor of the Administration Building at the Harrington Computing Center, Room 379A.

If you have a card, you can reload it with any dollar amount.  Please note that the machine only takes paper bills.  To purchase a card, the cost of the card is $5.00.  The cost of printing is ten cents per sheet.

Bus Passes

Semester long bus passes may be purchased at the QCC Bookstore.