Registration Preparation Materials: Individual Handouts and Links

Use this checklist to help you determine the best steps for preparing for your registration session or self-registration.

(.pdf, 690K)

This handout will help you understand the different categories of humanities, social science, math/science, and liberal arts electives.

(.pdf, 88K)
Reading Your Degree Audit

Running a "What-If" Degree Audit can help you explore other programs or majors, without officially making a change to your current one.

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Course Scheduling Worksheets

This worksheet will be helpful in creating a visual aid to see when the courses you would like to take are available throughout the week.

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This handout will help you map out a potential schedule to bring to your registration appointment, after you have reviewed the degree audit and course/section availabilities.

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Registration Preparation Materials: Packet

This packet includes the following handouts:  Registration Preparation Checklist; How to Read Your Degree Audit; Your Electives; Self-Registration Instructions.  Together in a one-click printable bundle!

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