Frequently Asked Questions

If a student discloses that they have a disability to me, but I never received an accommodation letter, what should I do?

You should refer the student to Student Accessibility Services.  S/he will meet with a coordinator to discuss the barriers they are experiencing in the course due to their disability, and if there is a need for an accommodation.  You do not need to provide the students with accommodations until they have given you an accommodation letter from student Accessibility Services. Please see the Faculty Guide to Accommodations which is located on the Q.


If I provide my Powerpoint slides to every student in the class, but a student is also approved for notetaking assistance through the Student Accessibility Services, do they still require a classroom notetaker?

This depends on the student and how much information is given on the slides.  You should contact Student Accessibility Services to review.  The Coordinator can then discuss with the student whether a classroom notetaker is still necessary.